5 May 2011

Garden in Progress

Here's a sneak peak into what's been growing inside just waiting to be planted in the yard this weekend! We started this sweet potato in the jar by suspending it with toothpics. It sprouted almost immediately, now we have a bit of a tree. You can use the same trick on a potato or an avocado pit. Just let the roots develop in water, wait for some kind of green growth to sprout out the top, and plant it in the ground!

There is a gigantic patch of stinging nettle spreading through the garden. After last year's attack on my legs, I am dreading even going near this stuff! Do not mistake it for mint. It is not pleasant to any skin that touches it. My legs burned and itched for days.

In addition to tackling the garden, I am also looking forward to the High Park Native Plant Sale this Sunday. Hoping to find some grasses and wild flowers to let loose!

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  1. This weekend is going to be awesome! Let's turn over some soil! Dre wants to garden as early as possible on Saturday.