2 May 2011

Athletic Endeavors with a Visitor

After a busy couple of weeks with friends, I've managed to go through my photos and sit down and create a few montages of events. My very good friend Maggie visited, we celebrated with other friends, had many good meals, some good drinks. It's always great to have a few days with old friends. Below are a couple of montages:

Varying approaches to bocce ball release:

And varying approaches to falling:

BBBQ'd Ribs, Arugula, and home-made French Onion Soup...my football arm....and Maggie!

Most of my time in the last weeks has been creating food and playing outside. I wouldn't have it any other way! And finally, an update on my gardening venture. We have relocated most seedlings to pots on the balcony. My latest new tool for gardening is the Pot Maker pictured below. A great tool for creating plant pots out of old newspaper! Just place it right in the ground come planting time as it will disintegrate into the soil. Also pictured: my shallots have won the fight against bulb-munching squirrels. Unfortunately, my Lily of the Valley bulbs were completely uprooted.

Finally, following the theme of making...My good friend Mat made a baby with his lovely wife Katie in Calgary. Below is their handy-work named Archer! Congrats, and good work.


  1. that french onion soup looks insane!! love the slackline montage, seems we are all quite excellent at failing dramatically...except for tom.

  2. yikes! Looks like I need to tone down my facial expressions just a wee bit, I think! (or maybe you just captured my most expressive moments?!) And your first balcony meal of the season...awesome!