30 May 2011

New family member!

Tom and I welcomed a new little puppy into our home last weekend. She has been taking up every bit of our spare time and spare energy. Ruby is a boxer from North Perth, Ontario. Also known as 'beast', 'beastor' or 'little monster', she chews everything, jumps alot, attracts alot of attention from strangers, and will only fall asleep on my lap. She'll get to be 60-70 lbs, so this must all stop soon! Thanks to her Aunty Cat and Crazy Uncle Z (pictured in my last post) we've managed to get through work days without having to worry about her during the day.

16 May 2011

Spring and new things

It has been a busy couple of weeks with some nice weather and some rain. Last weekend, i took advantage of some sun and the cherry blossom festival at high park with some friends on a blanket! The park was a flutter with photographers and wedding photo opportunities.

Also happening at the park was the high park native plant sale. I picked up a wild strawberry plant, hoping that it would spread through the garden but somehow stay out of the mouths and bellies of squirrels and raccoons. These little berries are much tastier and much smaller than the generic, massive white berry that we are used to from the grocery store.  A perfect bite size. It was planted in the garden recently, after a long session of clearing away years of weeds and unwanted nettles from the garden.  With the help of a few eager friends, we prepared half of the back yard for planting in less than one afternoon! Tom even relocated a few small trees to maximise soil square inches.

As we faced a rainier period this last weekend, Tom and I ventured 2 hours north west of Toronto to Listowel (also hometown of my friend Melodie).

It was a beautiful stretch of farmland that led us to our breeder's farm, and eventually, our new little puppy 'Ruby'! We picked her out based on her calm, centred and independant personality. We get to pick her up and bring her home next weekend! This week will be filled with puppy-proofing our house and yard. We can't wait!

She is a dark brown brindle boxer. She will be spoiled. We welcome all puppy visitors next week!

5 May 2011

Garden in Progress

Here's a sneak peak into what's been growing inside just waiting to be planted in the yard this weekend! We started this sweet potato in the jar by suspending it with toothpics. It sprouted almost immediately, now we have a bit of a tree. You can use the same trick on a potato or an avocado pit. Just let the roots develop in water, wait for some kind of green growth to sprout out the top, and plant it in the ground!

There is a gigantic patch of stinging nettle spreading through the garden. After last year's attack on my legs, I am dreading even going near this stuff! Do not mistake it for mint. It is not pleasant to any skin that touches it. My legs burned and itched for days.

In addition to tackling the garden, I am also looking forward to the High Park Native Plant Sale this Sunday. Hoping to find some grasses and wild flowers to let loose!

2 May 2011

Athletic Endeavors with a Visitor

After a busy couple of weeks with friends, I've managed to go through my photos and sit down and create a few montages of events. My very good friend Maggie visited, we celebrated with other friends, had many good meals, some good drinks. It's always great to have a few days with old friends. Below are a couple of montages:

Varying approaches to bocce ball release:

And varying approaches to falling:

BBBQ'd Ribs, Arugula, and home-made French Onion Soup...my football arm....and Maggie!

Most of my time in the last weeks has been creating food and playing outside. I wouldn't have it any other way! And finally, an update on my gardening venture. We have relocated most seedlings to pots on the balcony. My latest new tool for gardening is the Pot Maker pictured below. A great tool for creating plant pots out of old newspaper! Just place it right in the ground come planting time as it will disintegrate into the soil. Also pictured: my shallots have won the fight against bulb-munching squirrels. Unfortunately, my Lily of the Valley bulbs were completely uprooted.

Finally, following the theme of making...My good friend Mat made a baby with his lovely wife Katie in Calgary. Below is their handy-work named Archer! Congrats, and good work.