2 April 2011

First steps towards a Summer Garden

Thanks to my friend Melodie for supporting my gardening habit and setting me up with tonnes of great organic seeds for my summer vegetable garden! Tom and I got things started a few nights ago by planting seeds that will hopefully flourish in time to be repotted outside in May after the last frost. We found this great Jiffy Windowsill Greenhouse that holds 24 peat pellets.

Just add water, place a few seeds in each pellet, cover with lid, place in indirect light, and in 4 weeks you have a plant ready for the outside! We made a plan map of the box to keep track of which plant is which vegetable. Hopefully by June or July, we will be harvesting:

Little Finger Carrots
Rainbow Chard
Dward Grey Sugar Pea
Bounty Edamame Soy Beans
Vienna White Cabbage
Romanesco Broccoli
Iroquois Cantaloupe
Trionfo Violetto Pole Bean
Aunt Molly's Ground Cherry
Watermelon Radish
Garden Peach Tomato
Yellow Pear Tomato
Brandywine tomato
Sugar Baby Watermelon
Carosello Cucumber
Gourmet Shallot
Green Chives
Mesclun Mix Greens

I am also going to plant Lily of the Valley Bulbs (my favourite flower in the whole world due to its nighttime aroma) and some wild grasses and lavender in large pots on the balcony for some aroma, greenery and shade. 

Happy Gardening!

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  1. yes, Marnie, yes!
    so excited to see these little babies pop up!
    let me know when the action starts!!