7 April 2011

Connie - My Industrial Sewing Machine

This post is by request...my Pops has been wanting to get a look at my industrial sewing machine. He's a neat guy, I inherited his eccentric interests.

She is pretty epic. The model is Consew 230. The machine itself is all cast metal (in my estimation the whole thing weighs more than 150 pounds), as well as the oil tank and motor underneath. It is self-oiling (the oil wicks up from the silverish square tank directly under the machine) and could sew through bone if it happened to slide underneath. The presser foot is lifted up by shifting your thigh into the lever with the padded blue cover - this is great for handsfree shifting. No fancy stitches on this one, just forward and reverse with a few stitch-length adjustments, but who really needs more. I have sewn through many layers of leather anything that will fit underneath the presser foot, it will go through it.

Refer to the exploded axonometric diagram and legend for more information. This drawing in itself is also amazing!

I have been creating bags of all scales for friends and family, stay tuned for more posts about things made with Connie! Hope you enjoyed this one, Daddio!

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