3 October 2011

In the Works: Knitting!

I've been keeping busy during the cooler weather with Ruby and work ventures. In those tiny bits of in-between time, I've been rediscovering knitting.  Has been a great time-passer during the really stressful bits here and there (ie when Ruby got spayed last week). And, it's a great replacement for television. It's nice to just knit and listen to the rain. 

Here is what i'm working on now: It's a cowl in a waffle-like stitch, super thick and squishy, made of the best wool that i got in Canmore. I can not seem to find it anywhere else in North America...but here is the website for Madelinetosh.

And below is Ruby in her cone, followed by Ruby without the cone when we went down to the lake last weekend.

We are heading to a cottage this thanksgiving weekend for food, board games, and lakeside fires. Also, it's Tom Mosher's birthday tomorrow! I am currently baking a giant cheesecake in the oven. Lucky boy. Will also be playing alot of St Petersburg, our new favourite board game (which i bought for tom for his bday).

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

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